Mount Kinabalu Climb Certificates

There are five types of certificates you can get at Kinabalu Park, commemorating the achievements obtained either as a visitor or as a Mount Kinabalu climber.

Types of Mount Kinabalu Climbers Certificate

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Certificate (Colour)

This is the main goal for many Mount Kinabalu climbers. The coloured climbing certificate is given to climbers who reach the Low's Peak summit, commemorating their accomplishment in scaling one of Southeast Asia's tallest mountains.

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Certificate (B&W)

For every climber that climbs Mount Kinabalu, your efforts will be rewarded with a certificate to prove that you have stepped foot on the mountain. However, if you do not reach the summit, you will be presented with a black and white certificate to commemorate the climb.

Kinabalu Park Visitor Certificate

Of all the certificates, this is the easiest to get. You just have to visit Kinabalu Park and purchase this certificate at the counter. While not as challenging to obtain, visiting Kinabalu Park and enjoying Sabah's amazing biodiversity is still a feat on its own!

Via Ferrata Walk The Torq Certificate

This certificate are given to those who have completed the Walk The Torque route at Mount Kinabalu's Via Ferrata. This is the easier pick between the two Via Ferrata routes, making it suitable for beginners.

Via Ferrata Low's Peak Circuit Certificate

This certificate is arguably the hardest to obtain since it involves completing the Low's Peak Circuit route at Mount Kinabalu's Via Ferrata. It calls for both mental and physical strength from the climbers, so come prepared!