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Located at 1,585 metre above sea level, Kinabalu Park showcases a complete and interesting ecological system unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Approximately 2 hours ride from Kota Kinabalu, the park covers an area of about 754 sq. km with altitude ranging from 600 metres up to the summit of Mount Kinabalu at 4,095.2 metres. Popular for its cool climate, the park promises to enchant visitors with its rich flora and fauna. It also carries lowland, mountain and alpine vegetation on a scale that is not seen elsewhere between the Himalayas and the snow-capped peak of New Guinea.

In December 2000, UNESCO awarded Kinabalu Park as Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site for its “outstanding universal values” and its role as one of the most important biological sites in the world.

Kinabalu Park accommodation range from private chalets for small groups and families, to dormitories for the backpacker and semi-luxury suites for honeymoon or romantic couples.

Kinabalu Park