Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site

Kinabalu Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site & Global Geopark

Mount Kinabalu - A UNESCO World Heritage Site Global Geopark

On the rainforest-clad island of Borneo lies Kinabalu Park, Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in December 2000 for its 'outstanding universal values' and the role as one of the most important biological sites in the world. Kinabalu National Park was gazetted in 1964 to protect Mount Kinabalu and its plant and animal life, and in 2023, it was declared a UNESCO Global Geopark. Mount Kinabalu, standing at 4,095.2 metres tall, is the highest mountain on the island of Borneo and the 20th most prominent peak in the world. Located on the west coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, Kinabalu National Park covers an area of 754 square kilometres (291 square miles) and incorporates two mountains, Mount Kinabalu (4095.2 m) and Mount Tambuyukon (2,579 m).

Kinabalu Park, with four climatic zones, boasts one of the richest collections of biodiversity in the world, housing and protecting more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna – including 326 bird species, an estimated of over 100 mammal species, over 110 land snail species, and its biggest attraction, Mount Kinabalu. It is also one of the most popular tourist attraction in Sabah and whole of Malaysia. A 2 hours scenic drive from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, visitors exploring Kinabalu Park will notice the cooling temperature, ranging from 15 - 24 °C (60 - 78 °F) in the Park. First time visitors to the Park are often pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by planted beds of brightly coloured flowers.

The gateway to climb Mount Kinabalu is the Kinabalu Park Headquarters, situated 1,563 metres (5,128 feet) on its southern boundary. Kinabalu Park HQ is where climb registration takes place and registered climbers pay the entrance fee to the park. The Kinabalu Park HQ features a variety of accommodation, ranging from hostels with only basic facilities to more luxurious individual chalets with ensuite bathrooms, living rooms and a fireplace. There are two restaurants, Liwagu and Balsam, that serve both western and oriental food, buffet and ala carte style. Visitors can explore the Mountain Garden on their own or join the park’s naturalist on a guided walk along the many nature trails available. The nine walking nature trails in Kinabalu Park HQ will take visitors anything from 20 minutues to two or three hours, per trail depending on which route taken. Thousands of visitors come to Sabah annually to climb Mount Kinabalu and to experience the mystical beauty of its nature.

Did You Know?

Kinabalu National Park was discovered by British colonial administrator and naturalist, Hugh Low in 1895, during a serendipitous expedition from Tuaran to Kundasang. Sir Hugh Low is also the first recorded man to reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu and thehighest peak of the mountain – Low’s Peak – is named in his honour.

88km away from Kota Kinabalu city, Kinabalu Park is located within the district of Ranau situated on the the Crocker Range on the western coast of Sabah; not to be confused with Crocker Range National Park which is a separated park located in the south.

Activities & Things To Do In Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park offers something to do for everyone, be it a sports enthusiast biking around and climbing the mountain to family with young kids walking the treetop canopy and soaking in the sulphurous Hot Spings, or naturalist and plant enthusiasts to birdwatchers seeking to find plants, birds and animals species endemic to Borneo, Kinabalu Park has it all.


Experience a "walk-in-the-park" nature trekking through mountain forest and spot a plethora of plants species. Choose the available nature trails around Kinabalu Park, which will take less than half a day. There are also options available for guided trails. Do check with Park authourities as some of the trail may be unavailable.


Witness the majestic sunrise atop one of the highest mountain in Malaysia! Mount Kinabalu climbing should be pre-booked in advance as there are limited permits per day. It will take 2 days 1 night and climbers should be medically fit and have some pre-training exercises a month prior to the climb. All climbers are required to be accompany by Park mountain guides.


Camp at Poring Hot Springs and get that amazing outback experience, right in the middle of the tropical rainforest, and witness a spectacular array of stars when night falls. Camping is stictly not allowed on Mount Kinabalu.

Wildlife Watching

Spot some of Borneo's rarest birds and elusive mammals. Examine diverse and colourful insects such as butterflies, moths and beetles clustered on walls or bushes under lamps in the early morning.


Bird enthusiasts will find pleasure as Kinabalu Park HQ provide excellent places for watching montane birds and Poring Hot Springs a good place for lowland species such as spiderhunters and sunbirds. Over 300 species have been recorded from the park.

Plant Spotting

Feast your eyes on exotic and rare species of plants not found anywhere else in the world! The mountain garden at Park HQ and the Orchid Conservation Centre at Poring are excellent places for details observation of plants endemic to Borneo. If luck is on your side, you may even spot the giant-flowered Rafflesias whose bloom only last for 5 days during one of your visit.


Endless opportunites for that postcard perfect picture. From the ever changing views of the mountain landscape to the thousands of flora and fauna, prepare extra memory cards and batteries, as you may need them more than you think. Do be informed that there will be a camera fee of RM 5 (camera and handphone camera) and video fee of RM 30 per visitor for the Poring Canopy Walkway.


Special Permit and prior approval from relevant authority is required before filming activities can commence. Foreign film companies / organizations must have a local (Malaysian) counterpart. The local counterpart shall be responsible to assist in applying for permission from the following government departments / agencies. The amount of filming fee payable will depend on the purpose of the film, whether it is for commerical, documentary, advertisement or tourism promotion.


Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon is a race to the summit and back. The Climbathon attracted mountain runners from all around the world, including the world's best. While most people take 2 days 1 night to reach the summit, the runners have to complete in under 4 hours or will be automatically disqualified. The winner for the 30th Climbathon 2017 Official Result for Men's Elite was defending champion, Safrey Sumping from Sabah Malaysia, with a timing of 2 hours 18 minutes and 28 seconds (2:18.28), and is the current course record holder and fastest runner for the race course.

For 35 years, the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon has been one of Sabah’s iconic events for decades with the original objective of promoting our beloved mountain and the surrounding Kinabalu Park. The Climbathon was discontinued in 2017 but is set to resume in 2024.


Play golf under the towering picturesque mountain pinnacles just outside the park, and let your body soak in some pure fresh air from the natural environment. The 18-hole Kinabalu Golf Course is Malaysia's highest and one of the most spectacular as it sits just beneath the peaks of Mount Kinabalu.

War Memorial

Visit the Kundasang War Memorial to commemorate the brave British and Australian soldiers who died in Sandakan Prisoner of War (POW) camp and during their death marches to Ranau during WWII. Learn about the historic past of the Sandakan Death March in a brief video or step foot on the four beautiful gardens which represent the different nationalities of the victims, namely the Australian Garden, the English Rose Garden, the Borneo Garden with wild flowers of Mount Kinabalu and the Contemplation Garden and Pool.

Guided Trekking

Follow any of the numerous and interesting nature trails within Kinabalu Park and discover rare and endemic plants today! Follow Park Naturalists or our guide as they take you on a guided trail walks and educate you on the various wonders.

Liwagu Trail (5620 metres)

Duration : 2 hours
The trail starts from Kinabalu Balsam Restaurant located at the Park Headquarters. The trail leads to Silau-Silau but does not cross until the Liwagu junction. Follow the Liwagu upstream before reaching the Power Station road near Timpohon Gate. It is a steep, narrow and varied trail through a ridge forest, cool stream valley, rattan palms and Liwagu.

Silau Silau Trail (3057 metres)

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Follow the river from its source below Kiau Gap which junctions with the Liwagu River near the overhanging rock of Liwagu Cave. The trail is linked with other trails at various points, including Bukit Burung, Bukit Tupai and Kiau view.

Bukit Burung Trail (1082 metres)

Duration : 1 hour
Start from the road, cross the Silau-Silau stream and trail, then proceed up the ridge side to Bukit Burung shelter for a spectacular view of the Park Headquarters, Lower Liwagu Valley and Mount Kinabalu. Attractions include easy access to a hill forest, cool stream valleys and dry ridge tops.

Kiau View Trail (2544 metres)

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
From the arch at the park entrance, proceed along a wide undulating ridge trail. Finish just after the 1.5 km mark along the Power Station Road opposite the entrance to Silau-Silau Trail. Attractions include scenic views of the west coast and an assortment of local tree species.

Bundu Tuhan View Trail - Sunset (465 metres)

Duration : 15 minutes
Take the loop road below the staff quarters near the Conservation Centre. The trail reaches shelter at a ridge top above the main Ranau Highway. Obtain spectacular views of Bundu Tuhan village and southern mountains including Malaysia’s second highest peak, Mount Trusmadi (2,642 metres). Follow the ridge down to Liwagu Trail.

Pandanus Trail (598 metres)

Duration : 20 minutes
A broad well graded trail offering refreshing views. The Pandanus Trail opened in September 1999 for the World Mountain Trophy Race, starting near the car park of the Park Headquarters administration building joining the Kiau View Trail at ridge crest.

Bukit Ular Hillside Trail (997 metres)

Duration : 30 minutes
A fairly steep trail takes hikers through a journey along a winding road around Bukit Ular from the top of Power Station Road and finally emerging just behind the Power Station. Attempt a challenging 30-minute detour from the top of Bukit Ular for excellent views of a waterfall and mountain.

Mempening Trail (2516 metres)

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Start half way up Power Station Road, trek down the ridge through dense oak chestnut forest to Bukit Tupai and Silau-Silau stream. Good view of Park Headquarters and Liwagu Valley.

Bukit Tupai Trail (345 metres)

Duration : 15 minutes
From Multi-purpose Hall, cross Silau-Silau stream and trail, going straight up to ridge crest and Bukit Tupai Shelter. Splendid view of Park Headquarters and tree canopy area. On clear days, breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu. Ridge crest links to Mempening and Bukit Burung Trail.

Important Notice : Guests wishing to trek along these trails must be accompanied by either a Sabah Park Ranger, a Park Naturalist or a licensed Tour Guide. We will not be held responsible for any death, injuries, loss and/or damage howsoever caused to trekkers. All guests trek at their own risks.

Park Protection - Rules & Guidelines

Kinabalu Park is one of the world heritages sites, and everyone needs to play a part in conserving and preserving this protected area. Clear rules and guidelines are displayed within the park.

Leave wildlife animals and plants alone.
It is an offence to remove or pluck any plants and to shoot, trap or collect animals. Please do not support and encourage illegal trading of plants, animals, and products from threatened natural resources.

Leave the park cleaner than you found it.
Dispose rubbish appropriately and please help to pick up rubbish if you see any.

Do not bring pets.
Your pet may carry diseases from outside and expose it to habitats inside the park and vice versa. The pet may lost or become wild.

Do not disturb, making inappropriate noise, and movement when you’re confronted with animals.
Please use binoculars rather than trying to get too close. Be considerate of other visitors who may be engaged in activities like bird watching that require silence.

Avoid buying and bringing packaged products.
Bringing packaged products may result in intentional or unintentional littering. Bring packaged products as little as possible and carry the rubbish throughout the trekking to dispose at the Park’s HQ.

Be extra careful with inflammable material.
Be caution with the safety rules. Avoid smoking during trekking as it can cause fire and make sure fire is fully extinguished if there’s any.


Kinabalu Park accommodation offers a variety of options to suit all budgets ranging from super luxurious private chalets to comfortable dormitories and suites.

Accommodation No. of Unit Maximum Capacity Facility Highlights
Rock Twin Share
Rock Hostel
4 Units 2 pax per unit Common Lounge, Common Bathroom, Pantry

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Grace Lodge
Grace Lodge
20 Beds
- 2x4pax room
- 2x6pax room
4pax per unit / 6 pax per unit Fireplace, Common Lounge, Common Bathroom, In-room Coffee & Tea-Making Facilities, Pantry

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The Hill Lodge
The Hill Lodge
10 Units 2 pax per unit A separated individual lodges with majestic mountain view. Two types of bed setting of each unit: King Bed & Twin Bed, with en-suite bathroom (heated shower).

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Liwagu Suite
Liwagu Suite
4 Units 2 pax per unit Double-storey suite with modern rustic concept interior design. A suite with 1 bedroom + heated shower bathroom. Located in Liwagu Building, easy access to Liwagu Restaurant.

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The Peak Lodge
The Peak Lodge
4 Units 4 pax per unit A semi-detached unit under a “peak” like building, with Mountain view. 2 separate bedrooms (King Bed & Twin Bed) with en-suite bathroom (heated shower).

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Summit Lodge
Summit Lodge
1 Unit 4 pax per unit A mountain view lodge. 2 separate bedrooms (King Bed & Twin Bed) with en-suite bathroom (heated shower). Lodge with comfortable space of living room, fireplace, and dining area.

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Garden Lodge
Garden Lodge
1 Unit 4 pax per unit A cozy mountain view lodge. 2 separate bedrooms (King Bed & Twin Bed) with en-suite bathrooms (heated shower). Large windows with ample natural sunlight, Spacious living area, fireplace & dining area.

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Nepenthes Lodge
Nepenthes Lodge room
8 Units 4 pax per unit Double-storey connecting lodge. 2 separate bedrooms (King Bed & Twin Bed). Spacious living area, dining area.

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Kinabalu Lodge
Kinabalu Lodge Premier Chelet
1 Unit 6 pax per unit Premier & spacious accommodation in Kinabalu National Park. 3 bedrooms (King Bed in Master bedroom & Single Beds in another 2 bedrooms). Keep warm by fireplace in living room while enjoy meals prepared by personal butler.

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Rajah Lodge
Rajah Lodge room
1 Unit 6 pax per unit The most lavished luxury lodge in Kinabalu National Park. 3 bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, floor-to-ceiling windows, private jaccuzzi and personal butler service.

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