Mount Kinabalu in Sabah will soon have a historic Fire Station at the Gunting Lagadan Hut area on Mount Kinabalu. It will be the world’s highest fire station at an altitude of 3,382 metres above sea level and will be the operations centre of The Mount Kinabalu Search and Rescue Team (Mosar), a team of firefighters specialised with competent expertise to conduct rescue tasks in mountainous conditions.

The news was shared at the passing out parade of the KB 19 Fire Science Certificate Series 1/2022 which was officiated by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, who also expressed the state government’s appreciation to The Fire and Rescue Department (JPBM) on their commitment to having Mosar on Mount Kinabalu. Sabah Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun said the project is currently still at the documentation level as Mount Kinabalu is a world heritage site.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu sometimes comes with unwanted incidents and rescues are conducted by Mosar. The team was established in 2015 following the Ranau earthquake and has since conducted countless missions to ensure the safety of climbers on Mount Kinabalu. In the past half a year from January to June 2022, there has been a total of 26 rescues reported. Such as a 24 year old woman suffering from hypothermia who was carried down in January and 3 climbers who suffered from muscle spasms and sprained legs who were rescued in April.

The Mosar team is currently based in Ranau Fire Station and with the new Fire Station at Gunting Lagadan, rescue missions will be more efficient.

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Photo credit: Harian Metro

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