Travel SOP in Mount Kinabalu

LATEST UPDATE: 01 November 2021

Mount Kinabalu is now open for booking and we welcome all fully vaccinated travellers. Please follow these SOPs.

  • We welcome all fully-vaccinated visitors with low risk digital certificate
  • Those aged above 70 are not encouraged to climb
  • Those aged below 12 are not allowed to climb
  • Please observe standard Covid-19 SOPs

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What is Malaysia’s Covid-19 Status?

As of November 1st, 2021, Malaysia has reached 95% vaccination coverage for the adult population. While 62% of the teenage population (ages 12 - 17) have received at least the first dose. Borders between states have reopened to fully vaccinated individuals and Malaysians are now permitted to travel overseas once again without having to apply for a special exemption pass. Those who are entering Malaysian borders are still required to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

What is Sabah’s Covid-19 Status?

Since October 18th, 2021, Sabah has moved into Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan. More economic activities, including domestic tourism in Sabah, are now in operation. This excludes high-risk activities.

What is the Travel SOP in Sabah?

Interdistrict Travel

Following the progression to Phase 3, travelling within the Sabah state is now allowed without zoning restrictions to those who are fully vaccinated.

Interstate Travel

Starting November 1st, 2021, interstate travel is allowed to those who are fully vaccinated and display a low risk digital certificate. Individuals travelling into Sabah must take the Covid-19 RT-PCR or RTK-Ag swab (or saliva) test three days before travelling. Children are allowed but must be accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.

In accordance with the necessary safety precautions and SOP guidelines, Mount Kinabalu is now open and safe to climb once again!

Want to climb before the end of the year? Hurry and book now while slots are still available!

Call now to enquire for the latest available climb dates: +6012-855-2009 or +6017-262-2009

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