Cosy and eco-friendly, this Alpine-inspired hut houses guests in a dormitory-style setting and includes a private room for 4 exclusive for our climbers. Located 3,289 metres above sea level, there is easy access to Mountain Torq’s activities from Pendant Hut. From here you can try to spot your Via Ferrata pals on the Panar Laban rock face!

You can enjoy your post-midnight supper and American breakfasts, relax at the comfortable lounge area, pick up a climbing book at our mini alpine library or have fun playing board games. For dinner and other meal options, the Laban Rata restaurant is but a short walk away. Please note that the beds at Pendant Hut will be prioritized for participants engaging in the via Ferrata activity.

Pendant Hut is also home to the highest post box in the world at an elevation of 3,289 metres above sea level!

City / Region Mount Kinabalu
Hotel Code HTMK-PEN
Address 3,289 metres above sea level, a 4- to 6-hour climb from Timpohon Gate (Kinabalu Park)

Check-in time: 14:00 hrs
Check-out time: 12:00 hrs


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Climbers can choose from Private Rooms for 4 or shared Unisex Dormitories. All rooms and common bathrooms are non-heated.

Pendant Hut – Private Room (Non-Heated)

  • 4 Beds with Sleeping Bags (Sold as a room)
  • Common Bathroom (Non-Heated Shower)
  • Solar Heated Shower

Pendant Hut – Dormitory Bunk Beds (Non-Heated)

  • 29 Beds with Sleeping Bags
  • Unisex, Dormitory Room
  • Common Bathroom
  • Solar Heated Shower

Facilities & Services

  • Registration Counter
  • Pantry with Coffee & Tea
  • Lounge, Mini Library & Reading Area
  • Board Games
  • Items for rent are warm jacket and towel (subject to availability)
  • Food & Beverages (Opening Hours: 02:00hrs – 03:30hrs, 07:00hrs – 19:30hrs)

Important Information - Briefing Session

Pendant Hut Briefing Session for Via Ferrata Climbers

The mandatory pre-activity briefing sessions are conducted daily between 15:00hrs and 16:00hrs in Pendant Hut. A MUST NOT MISS appointment!

During this time, be it if you are a first time via ferrata climber or a veteran mountaineer, you’ll be taken through all the steps from your hike up to the summit, wearing the harness to working the carabiners. While all this is happening, you may make some new found friends who will be joining you in hanging off the side of the mountain the next day!

After the briefing session and filling up some paperwork, it will be time to head off for your buffet dinner and hit the sack! Cos the wake-up call for the summit hike is at 01:30hrs!

Please take note that all guests are required to wear a face mask at Pendant Hut. Guests must bring their own supply and wear them consistently, except when eating, drinking or sleeping.

Park Etiquette

Do not destroy or remove any plant or animal

It is an offence to remove plants and/or animals and to shoot, trap and/or collect any wildlife. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Do Not Litter
Do not litter. Dispose of rubbish with a thought for the environment.

Clean up if need be after those who don’t. help keep the environment clean and pure as nature intended it to be.

Plastic Bottle
Do not bring heavily packaged products

These mean large quantities of paper and plastic wrappings to discard after use. Minimize the amount of disposable material.

No Pets
Do not bring pets

Pets are not allowed into the park as they may introduce diseases to isolated populations or may escape and become wild.

No Sound
Do respect the silence of nature

Do not bring audio or digital devices such as loud speakers, portable electronic audio players and radios that may disturb wildlife or those who wish to observe them. Be considerate.

Warning Flammable
Do be extra careful with inflammable material

Make sure fires are fully extinguished. Do not smoke if you can avoid it. Cigarettes can cause bush fires. Observe all safety rules.