MUST WATCH! Mount Kinabalu Complete Climb in 4 Minutes
Things You Should Know…
  • There are total of 100 climb permits at this moment & dormitory beds in all huts of Laban Rata only.
  • There are no longer heated dorm & shower since 2009 – except 3 private rooms in Laban Rata.
  • It is advisable to stay in the Kinabalu Park or a highland resort prior climb for high altitude acclimatisation (Refer to all 3D2N & above climb packages)
  • Never attempt to catch a flight on the same day of descend as you are likely to miss it.
Top 10 Booking Tips
  • It normally takes 2D1N to complete a Mount Kinabalu climb.
  • There are ferrata & non-ferrata type of climb packages
  • Identify your ideal climbing date (day 1 ascend) & confirm availability with us
  • We will secure any LEGAL climb permit that is available on your ideal date.
  • Book your airtickets only when your climb slots are secured.
  • Climb slots are secured/guaranteed after payment is made.
  • Do let us know if you require other tour/accommodation arrangement.
  • Book through us safely with ISO 9001:2008 certified and licensed local operator listed in Sabah Tourism Board
  • Beware of bogus/scam websites operated by unknown organisation.
  • Buy additional travel insurance in your country for better coverage & payout.
“Don’t be a victim to be stranded without a licensed climb permit”
Who Can Climb Mount Kinabalu? Any Age Limit?

There are no particular age limits for Mount Kinabalu climbers. As long as you are good in health status or you have seek approval from your doctor if you are on any medication. We have served thousands of climbers ranging from 7 years old to 80 years old. However, we suggest young children to be at least 10 years old due to the numerous steps and steep slopes. Similarly, elderly climbers need to be in good health and fitness level to attempt the climb.

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